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The most feature-rich platform for academic conferences.

EventsAdmin Academia edition is a web-based event management software specifically designed for the management of academic and scientific conferences. With built-in abstracts management workflows for submission, review and evaluation, conference scheduling tools and utilities for the automation of communication between the organizing committee, the authors, the presenters and the participants of the conference, EventsAdmin.com is the best software for academic and scientific conferences.

Key Features

Online attendee registration

Ideal for academic conferences, seminars & any other event management need of an institution

Online papers and abstracts submission

Automated reviewing, acceptance/rejections & notification workflows

Easy program setup & allocation of discussants & chairs to sessions

Fully branded Event Microsite

Secure online credit card payments & option to connect additional payment methods

Multiple administration roles (Conference chair, Conference assistant, Programme Committee Members, etc)

Branded Conference Website

A full-featured website for your event

Advanced branding

CMS powered

Multiple page layouts (speakers, programme committee, venue, contact page)

Sponsors advertising and classification (platinum sponsors, gold sponsors, media partners, supporters, etc)

Papers management

Papers submission

Online abstracts, final papers and presentations submission

Configurable file types and file sizes

Topics assignment

Paper keywords

Full authors details

One or more presenters per (accepted) paper

Configurable submission deadlines


Reviewing process

Review assignment workflows (reviewers can reject an assignment)

Zero, one or more reviewers per paper

Paper rating based on configurable scales

Accept, reject or revise recommendations

Optional upload of annotated file by the reviewer

Optional reviewer comments for the author or the programme commitee

Select reviewers from the programme committee, from other authors or create new contacts

Reminders for delayed reviewers

Evaluation - Acceptance/rejection

Programme Committee forum

Interim acceptance/rejection decisions

Automated notification of acceptance

Easy access to reviewers and programme committee recommendations


Programme setup

Quick setup - Zero errors

Multiple rooms, sessions and tracks

Easy assignment of papers to sessions

Invite-Accept/reject invitation-assignment workflows for session chairs

Invite-Accept/reject invitation-assignment workflows for paper discussants

Plenary sessions and Round tables configuration

PDF exportable programme summary

PDF exportable detailed programme



Event registration

Flexible registration options

Support for repeated events and series of events and multi-session, multi-track events

Multiple registration types

Special offers (e.g: early bird)

Real time capacity checks

Show/hide registration types on demand

Registration types for authors and presenters

Special offers using discount coupons

Event management

Advance reporting &
communication tools

Real time attendees information

RSVP utilities

Easy to use tools for personalized communication

Comprehensive payments reports

Drill-down reports based on multiple criteria

Exportable "Book of abstracts"

Advanced filtering, sorting and search mechanisms

Export everything to Excel files

Batch import of attendees through Excel files

Tagging mechanism for efficient information retrieval

Reminders for pending payments and not yet registered paper presenters