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All the online tools you need to organize and promote the perfect corporate event!

EventsAdmin Corporate edition is a web-based event management software designed to meet the requirements of corporations and event management teams that require to receive and that are committed to provide professional services.

EventsAdmin Corporate edition is the ideal solution for managing all aspects of an event, including but not limited to the promotion of the event, the registration of participants or the purchase of tickets and the collection of donations, the invoicing and management of payments as well as the follow up actions before, during and after the event.


Features at a glance

EventsAdmin Corporate edition provides all the
necessary tools in order to assist organizers to:

  • Maximize staff productivity
  • Increase attendance rates
  • Promote their corporate events or conferences
  • Setup a branded event website
  • Collect payments online or offline
    (e.g: bank deposit, payment at the door)
  • Collect donations
  • Create RSVP and manage lists
  • Setup repeated events or series of events
  • Create "ticketed" or "registration" events
  • Automate communication with attendees
  • Get intelligent data and insights
  • Manage guests and VIP lists



Eventsadmin Corporate is the perfect solution for...